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"The otter's charm, so little known
Holds no ceptre, has no throne
Lives in groups or on his own
Relishing his dearest stone.

Dirt upon which otter rests,
In a coat of comfort drest,
The big wide river makes him guest,
Its wealth upon the beast bequests.

Though in the waves at home is he,
and on the surface equally,
In either must he cease to be,
Split half and half, the otter's see.

Hunger drives him to the depths
where Lord Above grants him a fest,
must yet come up to catch his breath,
must climb back out, of strength bereft.

His charm is in simplicity,
and aptitude and mystery.
Not status or celebrity,
not profit or utility.

No! He lives unseen, unheard,
in the privy spots of Earth,
far to which no man traversed,
so his beauty stays covert.

As between homes his home is split,
as between each of both he flits,
so too his self and soul is split,
two distinct natures they emit.

One like a terrifying beast,
brutish strength, sharp claws and teeth
craving only tasty meat
inbetween his webbed-toed feet.

The other busy frolicking,
nimbly diving, scampering,
juggling, rolling, or enjoying
upon his breast the sun-rays shining.

Where both of these are married, splendid!
Grace and vice, in one, ascended.
In the otter they are blended.
This Almighty God intended."
-- Anonymous

>> No.108  

I normally don't write poetry, and I hate writing in iambic pentameter, but I felt that if something deserved a proper poem, it would be otters. Please excuse it being horrible

Otter how gracefully wondrous are you
for never has there been such elegance
do feast your eyes but please do leave him be
for the good he does in nature is clear

>> No.109  

That was pretty nice.

>> No.110  

Thanks anon. I don't love it, but I'm glad that somebody enjoyed?

>> No.112  

Keep going till you make something you love

>> No.1020  

Wow, that’s a really good poem Otternon

>> No.1606  

Found a nice poem:

A Dedication to Otters
by Deanne Wagner White

"Cunning like a fox
And playful like a puppy
Sea Otters are very, very lucky

Long and sleek, their days are spent
Swimming in the ocean
Flowing gracefully through every motion

Otters also love to munch and snack.
Born with 32 strong teeth,
They enjoy cracking into their daily feast.

Always game for play,
Otters make the most of every day
Floating on their backs
And playing peak-a-boo with their paws.

But most of all,
They love the company of fellow Otters
Forming rafts and pursuing adventures.

Happy Otter Spotting!
Time to see an Otter with your own eyes.
At the zoo, at the aquarium or on the bay.

I know these amazing creatures will make your day!"

>> No.1607  

Nimble dash to waves
Vanishes beneath water
Freedom for Otter!

>> No.1608  

these are all very lovely poems

>> No.1609  

Otters can seem shy, when really they are bold.
Otters can be brave, when really they are scared.
Otters can be vicious when they just want to cuddle.
But more than anything otters come to break you from your bubble.

>> No.1848  

O otter please know that you have our love
We desire you but not your servitude
Indeed it is better when you are free
Your home, away from us, the nature untouched
The sign of our love is we don't intrude
Our absence, our distance is your guarantee

>> No.1953  

“The joyful, keen and fearless otter:
mild and loving to his own kind and gentle with his neighbour of the stream;
full of play and gladness in his life, full of courage in his stress;
steadfast in death;
the noblest little soul that ever went four footed through the woods.”

  • Ernest Thompson Seton
>> No.1966  

Otters in the Sea

by students of the Scotholme Primary School Fisher Street

Otters in the sea, otters in the sea.
Otters live in the sea.
It is their world, their palace, their universe,
they've got food, they've got friends, they've got
Everything they want,
In the sea, in the sea.

Otters in the sea, otters in the sea.
otters keep their fur clean.
their fur keeps them healthy and it keeps them warm.
If they are dirty they'll sink,so they sometimesthink, Its time for a spin
In the sea, in the sea.

Otters in the sea, otters in the sea,
Many things will harm them,
Like Killer Whales, Sharks, even fishermen.
they might be eaten or caught in nets.
Storms and pollution are big threats
In the sea, in the sea.

Otters in the sea, otters in the sea
When the Killer Whale hunts
Because he wants to be fed
They wrap up in a ball and pretend to be dead.
So they can stay safe,
In the sea, in the sea.

Otters in the sea, otters in the sea,
When the fisherman thows his nets all around
Otters can often be caught and be drowned.
A watery grave so please try to save the otters,
In the sea, in the sea.

Domonic, Raymond, Kieron, Chantelle, Adrian, Marcus
Ian Eastwood - teacher
Scotholme Primary School Fisher Street, Nottingham, United Kingdom


>> No.2128  
File: 1641726420081.jpg -(56720 B, 480x678) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.2207  

Like a blazing torch go forth
Oh otter spotter volunteers
Go where no one else will go
See what no one else can see

The queen of rivers has returned
The page has turned and spring appeared
Her home is graced by silent tread
Her kingdom welcomes her again

Be the bearer of good news
Be the light that lights our hearts
For you no water is to deep
For you no riverbank to steep

>> No.2212  

Be as an otter
Unheard, unseen
Be as an otter
Swim up the stream
Be as an otter
Just for a day
Be as an otter
Enjoy the play
Be as an otter
Enjoy the fun
Be as an otter
Never outdone
Be as an otter
Sharp claws and teeth
Be as an otter
No time for peace
Be as an otter
Get hungry and slay
Be as an otter
Devour your prey
Be as an otter
Live one more night
Be as an otter
Suffer your plight
Be as an otter
And make a mess
Be as an otter
And take a rest

>> No.2374  

Mustelid, animal of such beauty
Diving, entry into the water
The fish swims away, hopelessly
Trying to preserve its life
Alas, a useless goal
Ripping and tearing
The otter hunts
Comes to land
Lies down

>> No.2576  

We're coming home
coming home
coming home to otter lands
where we once throned
we once throned
we once throned and tasted clams

We advance
we advance
we advance with every step
and build our holts
build our holts
build or holts like architects

What we gained
what we gained
what we gained we won't desert
we'll maintain
we'll maintain
we'll maintain our habitat

>> No.2578  

otters in my head, otters on my mind
otters every day and otters every night
otters at the office, otters in the car
otters in the home, otters near and far
otters when I sleep, otters when I eat
otters when I cook and otters when I clean
otters in the morning, otters before bed
otters in my attic and otters in my shed