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We all have a story of how we started to love otters, right?
About three years ago I saw a pair of Asian small clawed otters getting fed at a local wldlife park, I didn't really know what otters were before that and certainly had never seen any (except in anime and a few pictures). As I saw them running around and squeaking, I already had a sense that this was the animal. Later I found out they're not only cute and funny, but actually endangered and very important for the ecosystem. So logically, I had to devote myself to this new love and become their active supporter.
What are you guys' stories? Have you had wondrous enlightening experiences? Or have you just always loved otters?

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This book is full of otter love stories

>> No.2231  

I first found my love for otters on anoncafe’s /otter/. I had obviously known of otters prior to this, but only by witnessing such a concentration of pure otter love was I able to unlock my own natural love for these beautiful creatures

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File: 1644855486535.jpg -(213521 B, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>2231 Glad you're here with us.

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File: 1644856843263.png -(2207675 B, 1879x2651) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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>>2235 So lovely. Encountering an otter in the wild is something the fewest of us will ever experience.

>> No.2266  


>As Belinda Otter confidently scrambled into her preferred shoulder riding position, I was struck by the fact that I was not handling an animal - I was meeting a person, albeit of a totally different order, with her own clear ideas and opinions.

I like that one.

>> No.2267  

found an otter channel on telegram a few months ago, found them cute

>> No.2426  
>they(otters) are much better at being otters than rabbits are at being rabbits, any fool can be a guinea pig or a fox. But it takes an expert to be an otter: a self reliant, advanced animal, in control of their environment, learning its skills, looking after its young for a year. They are just the top predator, a very exceptional grade of animal.

Now that's God's honest truth right there

>> No.2526  

I had heard a lot about Zootopia and finally convinced my then girlfriend to watch it with me.
It was hard convincing her because she thought it was silly for two adults to watch an animated movie, but eventually she agreed.
And then....she saw Mrs. Otterton with her little handbag, looking for her Husband. Very cute indeed. And as soon as she saw Mr. Otterton going crazy and angry, she laughed and said "Look, that's you!"
Soon she began to call me "Otter". It went so far that all her friends and family soon came to know me as "Otter". At first I disliked it and called her "Otterine" out of spite, but the names stuck.
When she was down I googled pictures of cute otters for her and soon stumbled upon various youtube channels where people had otters as pets.
I may be single again, but I'm still "Otter" at heart and watch some ottervideos almost every day.

>> No.2528  

>>2526 What a cute story! Lovely.

>> No.2551  

I read a lot of Redwall books as a kid, and they instilled in me a love for many animals. Otters were common in Redwall books and two of my favorites were Triss, which contained a dashing otter sea captain, and High Ruhlain, which is about a young otter woman and her quest to reclaim her kingdom.
Those books led me to be more curious about real world animals and I learned so much as a result. They really laid the groundwork for me to become an otterfan.

>> No.2554  

That's interesting. Maybe otter-love really does begin from childhood. I remember playing and watching a lot of pokemon as a kid, and I've always loved animals as long as I remember. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

>> No.2557  

>>2526 I hope you will find a good otter wife one day.

>> No.2730  
File: 1656076617045.jpg -(119194 B, 960x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The Otter has been reavealed to me in a life changing symbolic vision.
Since then my interest in all things otter has been growing rapidly and deeply

I should build shrines for the otter, find the otthers

>> No.2731  

Wow that's fascinating, please tell more about your vision? I wanna know what kind of ottery dreams people are given.

>> No.2732  

>>2731 for >>2730

>> No.2738  
File: 1656093533547.jpg -(54481 B, 680x383) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's spirit animal business I don't have to explain

Guess I'll hang around and see if I'm comfy enough to post the stories and analysis one day

>> No.2745  
File: 1656098056071.jpg -(255216 B, 600x606) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You certainly don't have to explain, but it sounds interesting and I know that I, for one, would love to hear about it all

>> No.3401  

I just wanna say it's so nice that we're all here and loving otters so much.

>> No.3750  
File: 1693531630075.jpg -(256222 B, 1169x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It really is great. Everyone here is just so great, and otters make everyone into a better person. I'm so happy that I'm here. Even if Otterchan isn't always the most active, it's the nicest and most ottery

>> No.3752  

You're right, it absolutely is the nicest. I was thinking it could potentially be more ottery if actual otters were here, but who know, maybe some of you are otters! The rest of us would never even know

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File: 1694458079987.jpg -(50377 B, 236x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1705864488396.jpg -(17169 B, 224x346) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Some sweet comments here ^^

I into otters as a kid after having a dream about the otters from Urchin of Mistmantle. I got curious about otters and it just snowballed from there. When I learned about their curiosity and intelligence I KNEW these were my favourite animals, and also they're stinkin' cute ^^