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File: 1704927977622.jpg -(52288 B, 720x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
52288 No.3899  

Otters are not very sexually dimorphic at all. The males look almost identical to the females... apart from that. How can you tell if an otter is a boy or a girl by looking at it? I really want to acquire this skill.

>> No.3900  

By the way, do you also usually call otters "he" by default, until you know? I don't want to call them 'it'. Maybe they should be called otter.

>> No.3902  

I can't really tell the difference, but I struggle with the captcha so I'm not a good example :hiding:

I usually go with singular they when I don't know. I know some people don't like singular they, but "you" is also a plural pronoun that is used in singular form and I think if I insisted people use "thou", the singular version, they'd pop a gasket so it all seems kindof silly to me.

>> No.3927  

Yeah from my experience it's hard to tell between the genders, atleast for me. I suppose the females a bit smaller, but otherwise they seem pretty much the same. I think the males have a bit rougher facial features and broader muzzles, and while I like to believe I can see the difference I doubt I would pass any test! The more obvious clues are ofc the males having their scrotum and the females their teats. Also, female sea otters can sometimes be seen with a scratch on their nose after mating.