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72688 No.2280  

how cool is it that otters are both land and water predators? both require crazy amounts of specialization but otters just pull it off, and do it extremely well too. do any other animals come close to this skill level?

>> No.2282  

It's a thing of beauty, nature is like a puzzle, every piece fits perfectly

>> No.2826  

One of the key things that I just recently realized is how terrestrial predators only need to move in a two dimensional space, whereas an otter hunting a fish has to move in a three dimensional body. There's a whole new dimension introduced to the game. Diving takes a lot of practice and skill in itself, but then imagine also keeping track of a fast moving fish that's doing its best to get away from you. AND to top it off being fast and nimble enough to catch it, all while you're a land animal who hated the water before being taught to swim. Otters really are the kings of the water and the kings of hunting.